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The Limitations of Centralized Social Media

Centralized social media platforms have several limitations in terms of user data control, privacy and censorship. Users do not have control over their data, and are at the mercy of platform providers who can change their policies, sell or misuse user information. Additionally, centralized platforms are vulnerable to censorship and can restrict or remove content that does not align with their policies. These limitations have become more apparent in recent years, with data breaches making headlines, and censorship of content causing concern for many users.

The ShoutOut Network aims to provide a solution to these limitations by leveraging the power of Web3 technologies to create a decentralized and

Take control of your data and be rewarded for your content

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The ShoutOut Network aims to provide a decentralized and user-controlled alternative to existing centralized social media platforms. By leveraging the power of Web3 technologies, the platform gives users control over their data, and rewards them for their contributions through the native $SHOUT token.

Users can earn $SHOUT by creating, curating and consuming content on the platform, which can also be used to access premium features, such as advanced analytics and custom branding options for their posts. Additionally, the ShoutOut Network provides a sustainable revenue model for the platform and incentivizes growth and engagement through its token economy and community structure.

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Our Governance Currency

The $SHOUT Token

  • Blockchain: Ethereum

    Total Supply: 1 Billion $SHOUT Tokens

    Initial LP: 2 ETH

    Buy/Sell Tax: 5%

    Renounced and LP Lock links provided at Launch

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Revolutionary social media platform that will put the power back in the hands of the users. With ShoutOut Network, you are in control of your data and will be rewarded for your contributions through our native currency, $SHOUT.